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Past seminars – Winter 2023

Throughout the academic year, the Center for Latinx Digital Media invites you to a series of weekly seminars held over Zoom.

The series took place during the Winter 2023 quarter from January 5 to March 9. Check the full lineup and find the video of the seminars below.

Watch the full videos of the Winter 2023 seminars below:

Prof. Raquel Moreira (Southwestern University) – “Mestiçagem, Authenticity, and Racial Spatiality in Anitta’s ‘Girl from Rio'” (01/05/23)

Prof. Isabel Pavez (Universidad de los Andes, Chile) – “Is it a Smartphone Enough? Digital Experiences of Children, Teachers, and Parents From Rural Educational Communities” (01/12/23)

Prof. Paul Alonso (Georgia Institute of Technology ) – “Political Satire, Digital Infotainment, and Alternative Journalism in Latin America.” (1/19/23)

Prof. Lucía Magis-Weinberg (University of Washington) – “Social media and adolescent mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic in Perú and México.” (02/02/23)

Prof. Iván Chaar López (University of Texas at Austin) – “The Cybernetic Border” (02/09/23)

Prof. Paola Ricaurte Quijano (Tecnológico de Monterrey) – “Decolonizing Technology” (02/16/23)

Prof. Juan Llama-Rodriguez (University of Pennsylvania) – “Playing ‘the Game’ of Migration” (02/23/23)

Prof. Diego Gómez-Zará (University of Notre Dame) – “Examining the Effects of Virtual Reality on Team Creativity” (03/02/23)

Prof. Camilla Fojas (Arizona State University) – “Surveillance Cultures on the US-Mexico Border” (03/09/23)