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Research projects

Research projects

Social media and democracy across the Americas

This study explores the relationship between social media use in everyday life and democratic processes in the Americas. It does so through a literature review of social media and democracy in Latin America, and through a series of annual online surveys to be conducted in the six countries with the largest populations of the Americas: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, and the United States. The first edition of the annual survey will be launched in the coming year.

Disinformation in Argentina

Mixed methods study to examine the public’s perception about the prevalence, causes, and consequences of the existence of different types of disinformation during and after the 2019 presidential campaign in Argentina. The project includes a three-wave survey, a survey experiment, and 60 in-depth interviews to understand users’ motivations and interpretations, including an exploration of their WhatsApp groups and contacts.

Comparative analysis of news coverage about eating disorders and new media technologies

Comparative content analysis of news publications about the relationship between eating disorders and new media technologies in both Latin American countries (Mexico, Argentina, Chile etc.) and non-Latin American countries (United States and the United Kingdom). This study uses quantitative and qualitative methods to examine and compare the decade of news coverage between 2010 and 2019.