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Upcoming seminar

Upcoming seminar

Throughout the academic year, the Center for Latinx Digital Media invites you to a series of weekly seminars held over Zoom on Thursdays from 12-1 PM CT. The seminars are free and open to everyone and they only require you to register in advance. Check our full lineup for the Fall 2021 quarter here.

The next seminar of the Virtual Seminar Series Fall 2021 will happen on Thursday October 28, 2021 at 12-1 PM CT, when Professor Tamara L. Falicov (University of Kansas) will give a presentation entitled “Fund Scouting in the North for the South: Strategies for Latin American and Caribbean Filmmakers.” Register here.

Abstract: This presentation will explore the film festival funds made available for Global South filmmakers mainly through European film festivals such as World Cinema Fund and the Hubert Bals Fund and the ways in which this transnational funding dynamic might assist but might also negatively shape production. However, given the North-South dynamic, this transnational exchange may possibly prove problematic for Global South filmmakers thus resulting in what critics call “pornomiseria” (poverty porn) (Ross 2009, Falicov 2010). This project aims to educate local filmmakers about international resources, while maintaining a critical view by analyzing the dynamics of funding from the “beneficent” North to the South. Case studies will include information on the process of obtaining international funding and how this might have an impact, if at all, on the narrative of the film funded.

Tamara Falicov is a Professor in the Department of Film and Media Studies at the University of Kansas and the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies. She is the author of The Cinematic Tango: Contemporary Argentine Film (London: Wallflower Press/Columbia University Press, 2007), and Latin American Film Industries (British Film Institute/Bloomsbury Press, 2019).


Registration here for Prof. Tamara L. Falicov’s seminar next 10/28/21 at 12-1 PM CT.